The at-home Physiotherapy by AmeriHealth Home Healthcare is introduced to provide constant therapy to help relieve the pain and strain including backache, knee pain, arthritis or neurosurgical issues. Executed by a well-trained physiotherapist, the service aims at identifying the severity of the pain and following a specific plan of care. As lower back pain tends to be the most common prolonged condition affecting the lifestyle of the patient quite seriously, the sessions entails a series of highly advanced practices including manual and therapeutic techniques and acute pain relieving therapies post-joint-replacement surgery. Some of the imperative procedures, techniques and approaches followed by our skilled physiotherapist for pain management and relief includes intensive functional rehabilitation, preparation of customized sessions in accordance with the requirements and preferences of patients, neurological physiotherapy, muscles mobilisation strength and techniques as well as advisory on best practices and postures.

Key Advantages

  • Care Coordinated Plan
  • Regular Assessments By Primary Doctors
  • Expedited Recovery
  • Pain Management
  • Affordability
  • Weekly Rehab Discussions