Making the care for the elderly and aged a pleasure, the specialised Geriatric Care by AmeriHealth is one of the most sought after services offered to advance the practice of at-home continuous support to the beloved parents, grandparents as well as the specially-privileged. Inclusive of the necessary assistance and personalised sessions to enable mobilization and self-dependence, the service appropriately compliments the health and wellbeing while helping to perform the basic activities. Efficiently executed by the special Geriatric Nursing staff from the Asian Hospital, the service remains to be amongst the most crucial ones helping families to ensure round the clock support and supervision.

Key Advantages

  • 24×7 Guided Assistance
  • Identification of Developing Ailments
  • Timely Medications
  • Instant Emergency & Hospitalization Support
  • Immediate Diagnostic Tests
  • Supervision by Primary Doctors
  • Spiritual & Emotional Support