The Maternity & Child Care support service by AmeriHealth Home Healthcare aims at extending advanced support and care of the mother during the pregnancy as well as post-delivery. To ensure quality care and assistance round the clock, the provision helps mothers to cope with challenges while maintaining the right balance of timely medications and diet. Besides primary practices, the service entails provisions for a thorough assessment, monitoring, medication and advisory by senior physicians and specialists. As part of the provision, the care of the new-born is specifically done by the “Jappas,” the specialised caregivers.

Key Advantages

  • 24×7 Skilled Nursing Support
  • Sensitive & Specialised Care
  • Emergency & Hospitalization Support
  • Antenatal & Post-Natal Advisory
  • Preparation of Nutritional Diet Plan
  • Exceptional Guidance & Supervision
  • Necessary Vaccination for the New-born