In order to help patients overcome challenging and complex conditions, the Speech & Swallow Support service by AmeriHealth tends to be a crucial provision in ensuring advanced care and support to prevent, evaluate, diagnose, and treat speech impairments, including language, communication, cognitive, as well as swallowing issues. Assigned to provide promising guidance and advisory, the dedicated speech therapists at AmeriHealth are amongst the eminent specialists highly skilled at executing assessment sessions and suggesting the most effective clinical treatment. As patients with speech disorders face difficulties in performing basic activities such as eating, talking, communicating, and memorizing, the Speech & Swallow therapy service by AmeriHealth concentrates on various specific concerns to specially deal with the problems. The therapy is done under the expert supervision of the primary doctors.

Key Advantages

  • Dedicated Expert Support
  • Regular Training & Guided Mentoring
  • Specialised Supervision
  • Advanced Speech Improvement Sessions
  • Focused Therapeutic Practices