Conceptualised to extend specialised robust critical care to the patients struggling with severe conditions, the ICU @ Home by AmeriHealth Home Healthcare is a provision facilitating consistent intensive care and Basic Life Support through an all-inclusive full-fledged at-home ICU set-up comprising advanced medical equipment and paraphernalia. Planned and executed in a strategic manner, the home care ICU entails practices and approaches defined by a dedicated established doctor for a promising line of treatment. Complimented by a thorough assessment and formulation of a guided plan, the service aims at providing the last minute instant rescue support, detailed supervision and monitoring, criticality quotient assessment, preparation of timely reports, routine audits and step down package.

Key Provisions

  • Quick Rescue Practices
  • Emergency & Ambulance Support
  • Effective Critical Care
  • Health Condition Monitoring
  • Patient Pre-Discharge Disinfection
  • 24/7 ER Kit
  • 24/7 Chief Nursing Officer Support