To advance the practice of absolute wellbeing and wellness at-home, AmeriHealth Home Healthcare by introducing the Happiness Sessions aims to provide a focused yet holistic care through a series of therapeutic practices to help relieve the stress and strains. Meant specially to enhance the quality of life, the Happiness Sessions includes a detailed assessment and analysis, identification of concerns pertaining to the physical or psychological state, preparation of detailed health plan, dietary & nutritional advisory, as well as wellness therapy procedures. Some of the conditions addressed through the Happiness Sessions includes Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, loss of sleep, digestive imbalances, lung disorders and even the mental conditions like Anxiety, Depression, etc. Primarily concentrating on the long-term overall wellbeing, the service appropriately fuels the energy levels to maintain a high degree of strength, stability and vigour.  

Key Advantages

  • Specialised Physical & Psychological Assessment
  • Stamina, Awareness & Patience Development
  • Personalised Counselling & Mentoring
  • Thorough Diagnosis
  • Dietician & Nutritionist Support