The Nursing Care service by AmeriHealth Home Healthcare, specially designed to ensure compassionate and curative care, is one of the prime service offerings specifically intended to provide a promising and effective all-time medical support to patients suffering from critical conditions. The home care nursing provision entails a spectrum of imperative practices including the preparation of a detailed care plan, timely monitoring, administering medication, constant and consistent supervision, stabilization support, pain control, and other crucial provisions. Backed by the highly trained nursing unit at the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, a premier super speciality healthcare institution, the expert nursing personnel from AmeriHealth maintains the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Especially meant for the elderly and patients with prolonged critical ailments, the AmeriHealth Nursing Care service aims at ensuring absolute peace of mind while facilitating a speedy recovery or assistance with post-surgical complications. Adhering to the stringent guidelines and protocols, highly skilled nursing professionals at AmeriHealth are best known for executing a defined plan of action in consultation with a dedicated doctor and maintaining utmost transparency and integrity.

Key Provisions

  • Unconditional Concentrated Care
  • Pre-care Diagnosis
  • Pain Management
  • Extended Hours of Nursing Support
  • Emotional & Physical Support