The Palliative Care @ Home by AmeriHealth, offered to facilitate the finest at-home care to patients struggling with a terrible chronic illness such as advanced Cancer or a life-threatening condition such as Heart Disease, Dementia, Pulmonary Disease, Liver Diseases and Renal Diseases, etc., is one of the highly specialised services meant to help the patients cope with the challenging state as well as the critical complications. The improved symptom management, health-related communication, and psychological support are some of the key aspects of the home-based palliative care. Specifically offered to assist the patient and the family to accept the reality of shortened lifetime and maintain the emotional strength, the provision entails a regular and timely analysis of the deteriorating condition and providing resources to mitigate severity and enhance the quality of life.

Key Advantages

  • 24×7 Skilled Nursing Support
  • Instant Specialist Consultation
  • Quick Critical Care & Medication
  • Pain Management
  • Consistent Disease Progression Monitoring
  • Immediate Ventilator Support